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Partner Coaching

Coaching and community for women healing from betrayal.

At Room to Heal, we understand first hand the immense pain of betrayal by a partner addicted to falling in love, having affairs and using pornography. We can guide you along the path to healing, so that you'll be okay regardless of whether he gets healthy.


We have a partner-first approach. That means, with your permission, our coaches will collaborate regularly and facilitate couples connection sessions. These meetings are not couples therapy, but a way for you to learn about his recovery plan and have a safe space to express your boundaries and expectations. In early recovery, many men retreat into shame and his coach can help him reframe what he hears and take the feedback constructively.

Individual Coaching

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Our female recovery coaches have also experienced betrayal and are equipped with the tools and training to help you find safety, work through the stages of anger and grief.


Coaching can be virtual for anyone in the US or in-person in the Charlotte, NC area. 

Group Facilatation

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One of the best things you can do is surround yourself with supportive women who understand your pain and can support you through this journey.


We've brought on an expert group facilitator, Laura Jenkins, to run a weekly, virtual partner group. This will be a small, intimate group with 4-6 participants.

Couples Work

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One of the things that makes our practice unique is that our coaches are trained in ERCEM (Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model) and can work as team for the benefit of your relational healing. 

We can hold joint couples connection sessions with both coaches to help you express your boundaries and needs. We can also help you practice new communication skills.

Join a Support Group

Meet the Team

When it comes to walking through betrayal trauma, it's important to have a supportive and experienced team by your side. At Room to Heal, LLC., our compassionate staff is committed to helping each individual achieve their recovery goals.

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