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Relationship Coaching

Our goal at Room to Heal is to help you feel connected at every stage of this journey. That's why all of our coaches are trained in the Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model.


Intentional time apart and establishing safety and truth through acts of empathy.

During this stage, the addict will stay at Room to Heal while he gets sober, tackles his denial, learns communication skills, builds empathy and prepares his written disclosure document. Once the addict is 60-90 days sober, he will take a polygraph and deliver his disclosure to his partner in the therapy office*. After the partner has had a couple of weeks to process this information, the addict will move home.

Sessions: You will each have a dedicated coach and your couples sessions will include both coaches.

Stage 1 Couples Work Focus:

  • Sharing your recovery plans

  • Setting your intentions and goals for the time apart

  • Willingness exercises 

  • Establishing boundaries

  • Learning reflective listening

  • Starting formal check-ins

*Therapist-led disclosure is not included in our fees.


Working through the anger, grief and loss of sexual betrayal

During this stage, your coaches will begin using Help. Them. Heal. to guide you through through exercises to help you process the grief, anger and fear in healthy ways. You'll also learn new communication and empathy skills that will help rebuild trust.

Sessions: You will each have a dedicated coach and your couples sessions will include both coaches.

Stage 2 Couples Work Focus:

  • Boundaries

  • Intention setting

  • Empathy work

  • Anger and grief exercises

  • Trigger management

  • Finding ways to connect safely


Choosing Post-Traumatic Growth

In this stage, you'll begin to acknowledge the changes, make the choice to trust again, identify your strengths as a couple, find purpose and begin to live out your vision as a couple. Couples often say that their relationships are happier and healthier than before the betrayal came to light.


Sessions: In this stage, you may choose to only see one ERCEM coach instead of utilizing and paying for both coaches. The choice is yours. 

Stage 3 Couples Work Focus:

  • Acknowledging the changes

  • Making the choice to trust again

  • Identifying strengths as a couple

  • Finding purpose

  • Creating and living out the vision

Couple of Young Happy Travelers with Backpacks Hiking in the Mountains at Warm Summer Suns

Learn More About ERCEM

The Help. Them. Heal. curriculum developed by Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW, CSAT, CCPS, PCC.

Carol has devoted the last 2 decades to helping men and women manage their sex addiction and in helping betrayed partners work through the trauma of sexual and relational betrayal. Carol is a trainer for the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists and is a consultant for clinicians and coaches for APSATS. She developed ERCEM - The Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model that teaches professionals and couples how they can navigate through sex addiction and partner betrayal using empathy. She has trained over 100 professionals in this model since its inception in 2021. 

Watch the video below to learn more about ERCEM. Please note, at Room to Heal you will each have a dedicated ERCEM coach.

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