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Ready to Get Started?

  1. Schedule a 30-minute information session with one of our coaches.

  2. Book a 45-minute follow-up session with your partner.

  3. Complete the application documents (will be sent via email) and submit a deposit.

  4. Your participation can begin as soon as there is a room available at the house.

Our Fee

Our fee is $4,500 per month. It includes 1 coaching session per week, group 2 times per week, groceries, accountability measures and house leader oversight. For a full list of what we offer, visit our sober living page.​

We recently started a scholarship program that we are working to fund.  If you are interested in learning more about a scholarship, please reach out.

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Book Your Free Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers below to our most common questions. Contact us for more information. | (704) 452-4596

Why do we believe intentional time apart is so powerful?

  • Reduces staggered disclosure - It's very difficult to live under the same roof after discovery and not ask questions about past acting out behavior. The distance we offer helps reduce the additional trauma of staggered disclosures or what we call death by 1,000 paper cuts.


  • Confirms recovery commitment - Partners understandably want hard evidence that their husband is motivated and serious about his recovery program. Without it, it can be challenging to feel safe enough to focus on their personal wellbeing. We aim to reduce that worry by holding him accountable to a strong recovery plan. Also, this prevents a parent/child dynamic from developing that could hinder their relational progress when he returns home.

  • Lessens brain fog caused by betrayal trauma triggers - We see partners who have sufficient support system, start to clear their minds a couple of weeks into the program and feel more in control of their lives and their futures.

  • Promotes quality interactions - We'll help facilitate quality conversations and do our best to end the cycles that keep couples stuck.

  • Reduces feelings of resentment - This time apart should help each of you (but especially the partner) realize that you're not trapped in this bad situation and that no matter what happens, you'll be okay.

What will the therapist be evaluating?

  • Willingness to pursue individual healing

  • Desire to repair the marriage

  • Level of denial regarding the addiction

  • Mental health fitness

  • Whether a higher level of care is needed first

Do you take insurance or offer payment plans?

Unfortunately, we do not take insurance.  We can offer you a small payment plan if you're willing to put a credit card on file and prove that there's a sufficient limit.

Will I need to have a car?

You’ll need to travel to and from 12-step meetings, therapy sessions, and house activities.  All are located in the greater-Charlotte area. Andrew and the house manager provide transportation when possible but having a car definitely increases the convenience.

How long will I need to stay?

We recommend that residents in a relationship stay two to three months.  We see the most growth in our residents between month 2 and 3 because they’ve had time to get comfortable and lean into the work.  That said, we believe it’s important that the couple reintegrate after 60-90 days of sobriety to begin the relational healing process.

Can I travel for work or family obligations?

For residents in their first 30 days - trips, vacations, or staying out past authorized times is not allowed. This 30-day wait period is required of all residents in order to allow individuals to adjust to communal living and the home’s rules and expectations. This wait period may be extended depending on the resident’s ability to acclimate to the Home and its rules and expectations.

After 30 days, residents may request permission from their Recovery Coach to travel. Resident’s adherence to their recovery program and violation history will be considered when assessing permission to travel.

What do I need to know before I come?

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by Andrew and the house manager who will complete various onboarding tasks prior to allowing you time to settle in.  Some things you may want to know:

  1. When the house is at full capacity, each resident will have one roommate.

  2. The home includes a full kitchen, outdoor grill, living area with cable and streaming services, wireless internet access, library, and various areas for studying, working, and lounging.

  3. Things to bring:

    1. Clothing (work/play/sleep/exercise/bathing suit)

    2. Toiletries

    3. Medications

    4. Phone charger

    5. Pens/highlighters

  4. The following items are provided for you:

    1. Bed and bath linens, pillows

    2. Toilet paper

    3. Cleaning supplies

    4. Noise-cancelling machines in each bedroom

    5. Recovery literature and workbooks

    6. First aid supplies

    7. Groceries

  5. Membership to a nearby gym is included in your stay. 

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