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Room to Heal

Room to Heal is a groundbreaking sober living home for men battling sex and porn addiction. Our programming includes support for the partner and the relationship through the Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model (ERCEM). Our goal is to help the addict build a rock-solid foundation for his recovery while guiding both individuals to the safety and healing needed to begin rebuilding the relationship.

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How We Can Help

If you're ready and willing to do whatever it takes to save your relationship, you've come to the right place. Our program is partner-led and designed to support couples through the following phases of recovery. You'll work through these milestones at your own pace. Every person's journey is unique and if you authentically complete each stage, you will walk away from this journey transformed.

STAGE 1: Acknowledging the need for safety and truth through acts of empathy.

During this phase, the addict will stay at Room to Heal while he gets sober, tackles his denial, learns communication skills, builds empathy and prepares his written disclosure document. Once the addict is 60-90 days sober, he will take a polygraph and deliver his disclosure to his partner in the therapy office*. After the partner has had a couple of weeks to process this information, the addict will move home.

STAGE 2: Working through the anger, grief and loss of sexual betrayal

During this phase, your coaches will guide you through through exercises to help you process the grief, anger and fear in healthy ways. You'll also learn new communication and empathy skills that will help rebuild trust.

STAGE 3: Choosing Post-Traumatic Growth

In this stage, you'll begin to acknowledge the changes, make the choice to trust again, identify your strengths as a couple, find purpose and begin to live out your vision as a couple. Couples often say that their relationships are happier and healthier than before the betrayal came to light.

*Therapist-led disclosure is not included in our fees.


Addiction Recovery Coaching

Preparing the addict to live a life in recovery and identify his true, authentic self.

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Betrayal Trauma Coaching

Empowering partners to identify their needs, set boundaries and establish safety.

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Relationship Coaching

Teaching new ways to communicate, process anger and transform your relationship.

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Why It Works

We believe that most individuals heal faster and more completely when they take time apart. It's not an easy path, but it gives you the opportunity to rediscover your needs, establish boundaries and miss your spouse so that you can come back together with the clarity and skills required to begin rebuilding trust.  

Our Room to Heal residents take an active role in each other’s recovery – continually serving, learning from and challenging each other as they learn to live a life of integrity, purpose and health. We believe therapy, coaching and  community are powerful solutions men need to break free from addiction and the cycles of shame that keep them trapped in it.

We are on a mission to take broken marriages and make them whole and new again. Everything we do at Room to Heal is based on fundamental sex addiction recovery principles. 

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A New Approach

Here are the ways our program differs from in-patient and intensive programs.

  • Our fees are a fraction of the cost of an inpatient or intensive program.

  • We have recovery coaches trained in pornography and sex addiction and betrayal trauma. We do not offer therapy. Coaches focus on the present and future. In early recovery, you'll need to focus mostly on the present, as you establish the safety required to process past trauma. 

  • You can work and continue seeing family if they’re local.

  • There is more self-study required and possibly more free time depending on your work schedule. 

  • You’ll need to be intentional about getting to know your housemates and developing relationships in the 12-step community.

  • We provide accountability and content controls, but you will be responsible for owning and protecting your sobriety. 

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Contact Us

To schedule a free consultation to see if we're the right fit for you, complete the form below or call us at (704) 452-4596.

We are more than happy to speak with the person struggling with addiction, his family members or his partner or spouse.

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