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A specialized recovery residence for men struggling with pornography, chronic affairs and other unwanted sexual behaviors.

Take the first step towards healing with a free consultation.

There is Hope

Room to Heal is a recovery residence for men 18 and up struggling with pornography addiction, sex addiction and other unwanted sexual behaviors. We provide individualized recovery support with the goal of helping men embrace community, healthy relationships and the recovery lifestyle.   

Our professional recovery coaching challenges men to let go of old behavioral pattens, adopt healthier ways of living and ultimately develop a new identity of integrity and purpose. While at Room to Heal, the addict is immersed in a community of men who, like themselves, are working to break free from unwanted sexual behaviors. Room to Heal collaborates with medical professionals, Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs) and treatment providers to help ensure comprehensive care for our resident's healing journeys.

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How We Help

We provide the community, accountability and ideal environment for healing. Situated in a serene setting, the home is on 3 acres and houses up to six residents and is overseen by a house leader.


​We Provide:

  • Weekly recovery coaching 

  • Study materials

  • Process groups twice a week

  • Evening accountability check-ins 

  • Gym membership

  • Groceries

  • Accountability monitoring: GPS Tracking and Covenant Eyes Software

  • Assistance with identifying the right therapist, sponsor and place of worship

We Require:

  • Attendance at three 12-Step Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings a week 

  • Working the 12-Steps and finding a sponsor 

  • Two therapist sessions per month

  • Observance of nightly curfew 

  • Evening device turn-in to the house leader 


  • Fully furnished 4 bedroom house

  • Space is limited to 6 residents and the house manager

  • Linens, towels, toiletries included

  • Fully stocked kitchen and groceries provided

  • Internet, television and all utilities included

Proximity / Highway Access

  • Located near 485 and 77

  • Less than 20 minutes to Uptown Charlotte


"I just wanted to thank you for the time we had together. I’m at C’s now which is where I was sitting with my wife the day after getting kicked out. We called your # on a Sunday afternoon not even thinking anyone would answer. But you did and it changed my path forever. Before we called you we had no hope and little direction. After we hung-up, we had a plan and faith you could help us out of this awful place. And you did. RTH gave me the foundation and resources that I so desperately needed. It gave me structure and sobriety for 60 days. In truth, I could use you as my coach for years. You challenged me in ways that nobody in my life has. You have accessibility into my mind and understanding of how I think. I simply won’t find anyone else that can help me the way you have. I was in this dark abyss and you shined a light in and pulled me out. It’s on me now to stay sober, but using the resources you provided I know I’m in a much better place to succeed. Thanks for answering my call for help."


What makes us different

Our fees are a fraction of the cost of an inpatient or intensive program.

We have recovery coaches trained in pornography and sex addiction recovery. Coaches focus on the present and future.

You can work and continue seeing family if they’re local.

There is more self-study required and possibly more free time depending on your work schedule. 

You’ll need to be intentional about getting to know your housemates and developing relationships in the 12-step community.

We provide accountability and content controls, but you will be responsible for owning and protecting your sobriety.

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