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Porn and Sex Addiction Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is present and future focusing. We identify our "why", build and implement a rock-solid recovery plan, keep our eyes on the destination we want to get to (goal setting) and when we encounter struggles/slips/triggers along the way we learn from them and use the lessons gleaned as opportunities to grow.



Individual Sessions

Work with a recovery coach on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to develop a recovery plan, unpack your 

Knowledge is power when it comes to discovering yourself, conquering your addiction and healing your marriage.

We'll help you learn the skills necessary to communicate more effectively with your partner, hold her pain and help her work through her trauma.



Finding a safe group of men to walk with you on this journey is essential for many reasons: 


  • Meeting with other men who have made similar mistakes and experience the same struggles is validating and comforting, making it easier to be vulnerable and honest.

  • There are men in the group at all stages of recovery who can model empathy, honesty and authenticity.

  • Seeing your imperfections manifested in others helps you get real about your own faults.

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Accountability tools are a way to increase transparency and promote honesty. If you're ready to stop making excuses and submit to our accountability protocols, but don't have an accountability partner, we can help you. 

  • Device lockdown

  • Covenant Eyes software and monitoring

Join a Support Group

Meet the Team

One of the things that make us unique is that our coaches are all in recovery ourselves. We have seen and experienced what works (and what doesn't work). It would be our honor to partner with you and guide you to towards a life of health, integrity and joy. 

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