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PSALM 51 Fund

The Pornography, Sex and Love Ministry 51 Fund provides financial assistance to the residents, clients and coaches of Room to Heal. We started this fund because, despite being the most affordable option for immersive SA recovery in the country, many people in need cannot afford our services. 


Donations are tax deductible through our partnership with Axia International, a 501c3, who administers the fund. Donors can login to manage future gifts, see giving history, and generate an annual giving statement on demand.

Your donation will go to:

94% of your donation will go directly to one of the following areas. Axia International charges us a mere 6% to administer the Fund.


Sober Living Scholarships – Room to Heal residents can apply for full or partial scholarship to cover their Room to Heal fees. 

Tuition and Training for Coaches and Staff Scholarships for staff, current coaches and future Room to Heal coaches to participate in training programs and attend conferences. Support in this area will help us remain affordable, while ensuring our staff is highly trained and capable.

Coaching and Group Scholarships Scholarships for coaching clients to cover their coaching and group fees

Community and Education Events Funding for community events that educate on the addiction, teach self-care and help attendees find a community support 

Betrayal Trauma Partner Gifts Educational and self-care packages for partners (clients and non-clients) to show our support and help alleviate pain and loneliness.

Types of Donations

Please consider contributing in one of the following ways.

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This support is critical to helping families heal.

Why scholarships are so important

When you provide financial relief to a family experiencing the devastation of sexual addiction, you're giving them the opportunity to write the next chapter of their lives with dignity and without the heavy burden of selling their home or emptying their 401K to get help.  

This addiction deeply impacts every member of the family unit, not just the addict. Therapists with this area of focus are in high demand and rarely take insurance. That means a family of 4 would pay $2,400/month for weekly therapy sessions ($150/session on avg.)


Third party assistance in these situations is very important because privacy = safety for these families. Reaching out to family and friends for support of any kind can often bring unhelpful criticism, judgement and alienation, setting the family back in their healing process.

We also believe that without some healthy space, the healing process for everyone is lengthened substantially.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are more than happy to answer your questions. Give us a call at 704-452-4596.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

Give us a call at 704-452-4596 or email Lisa at to learn more.

Why isn't Room to Heal a 501c3?


We have a non-profit heart, but we choose to remain a private company because of the flexibility and creative control. In our first 3 years we gave away over $100k in free rent at Room to Heal. In order to continue in our greater mission, we need others to contribute to the cause.

Who is Axia International? 


Axia International is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization (FEIN 84-2060615) whose mission is to sponsor and administer other non-profit efforts like the PSALM 51 Fund. Alleviating us from the burden of administration, Axia frees us to focus more time on our core mission.

To activate your giving account with Axia and partner with us,, then click the Create Account button and fill in your information to access your account. If you need any help, you may contact Axia at or by calling (877) 678-7323.

How will you determine who receives the funds:

  1. Applicants will complete an application.

  2. The fund committee will review and approve or deny the application.

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