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Are you ready for a Cycle-Breaking Summer?


Room to Heal is excited to announce our first couples cohort. We're looking for five couples who are tired of feeling stuck in their healing or their relational dynamic and are ready for real, authentic change. During this 10-week program, you'll take intentional time apart and lean into community in order to break the cycles of addiction, shame, triggers, gaslighting, contempt and defensiveness.


10 weeks of comprehensive support for the same price as a two-week intensive.

The addict will live at Room to Heal and continue working while the partner receives support from home virtually or in-person in Charlotte, NC. The addict will focus on getting sober, tackling denial, learning new communication skills, building empathy and preparing his written disclosure document. Ideally, the couple will complete a disclosure in a therapy office (with polygraph) before the program ends. 


Why It Works

For men trying to break the cycle of addiction and break habits that have lasted for years or decades, a change in location can make all the difference.  According to The Habit Lab, the more often a behavior occurs within a certain location, the stronger a habit can become. 



Sex addiction is considered by most professionals to be an intimacy disorder. Our program is effective because we provide the right environment for men to grow in their intimacy, honestly and authenticity. Many of our past residents developed strong friendships for the first time in their lives while living at Room to Heal.

  • Living with other men who have made similar mistakes and experience the same struggles is validating and comforting, making it easier to be vulnerable and honest.

  • There are men in the house at all stages of recovery who can model empathy, honesty and authenticity.

  • Seeing your imperfections manifested in others helps you get real about your own faults. 

  • Living with 6 other men naturally produces friction, which is another good opportunity to get honest with feelings and learn to communicate needs.

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Accountability tools are a tool to increase transparency and promote honesty. If you're ready to stop making excuses and submit to our accountability protocols, we can help you get sober. 

  • GPS tracking with Life360

  • Covenant Eyes software on all devices



Residents are required to get involved in the 12-step community

  • Attend three meetings per week. At least two of which should be in person. 

  • Find a sponsor who can hold you accountable and help you work the steps.

  • Read the SAA Green Book to better understand the reason behind the work.

  • Establish a list of men from the meetings to call and check in with regularly.

Notebook, bed and man with home planning, brainstorming and studying notes, education and


We encourage residents to pray, meditate and journal as a means to begin learning to understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions. When you're awareness grows, you'll be better able to protect your sobriety and make more thoughtful decisions.

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Empathy and Communication Skills

While at Room to Heal, we'll teach you the skills necessary to communicate more effectively with your partner, hold her pain and help her work through her trauma.

  • Reflective Listening

  • Assertive Communication

  • Gentle Assertiveness Communication

  • Connection-Share

  • Trigger-Busting Techniques

    • Relational-CPR

    • AVR Formula (Acknowledge, Validate, Reassure)



Knowledge is power when it comes to discovering yourself, conquering your addiction and healing your marriage.

  • Brain Science of Addiction

  • Partner Betrayal Trauma

  • Managing Triggers

  • The Empathy Cycle

  • Karpman Drama Triangle

  • Relational Trauma

Living Here

Located on 3 private, wooded acres with lake access, Room to Heal is the perfect location to take a deep breath and pursue healing. We provide everything you need to serve as your home away from home. 


  • Fully furnished 4 bedroom house

  • Space is limited to 6 residents and the house manager

  • Linens, towels, toiletries included

  • Fully stocked kitchen and groceries provided

  • Internet, television and all utilities included

Proximity / Highway Access

  • Located near 485 and 77

  • Less than 20 minutes to Uptown Charlotte



  • 10 minutes to Northlake Mall

  • 5 minutes to shopping center with top-tier grocery store

Residents need to meet and/or agree to these standards in order to live at Room to Heal.

  • Male

  • 18 years or older

  • Medically and psychologically stable

  • Follow the behavior standards of Room to Heal

  • Agree to random drug and alcohol screenings

  • Attend three 12-step meetings per week

  • Agree to attend most group-discussion sessions

  • Ready to submit to our program of recovery


Meet Andrew

I've been in the recovery ecosystem both as an addict pursuing healing and as someone in recovery helping others since 2006. I've seen what works and what doesn't work and know how to help men navigate this journey of recovery.

My relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in my life. Be it shame or a religiously rigid, authoritarian, upbringing, many men seeking healing have a complicated relationship with God. I can empathize with this because of what I've gone through myself. One of the joys of working with men in this field is seeing them develop a robust spiritual life and embrace who God says they are in Him. 

As a recovery coach, my goal is to help men establish the habits and life skills needed to get sober and live a full life in recovery. 

Please don't hesitate to call or send me a text. I want to be a resource regardless of whether you stay at Room to Heal. 

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