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Intensive + Room to Heal: A Powerfully Effective Recovery Strategy

We are huge fans of intensives that focus on this addiction. Many of our residents have spent time in intensives. I’ve done them myself. They are excellent from a psycho education standpoint, learning about how our past affects our present choices and breaking through deep denial.

The challenge for the man seeking long-term recovery is what happens after their intensive. They have accumulated knowledge but haven’t practiced it in their real lives. A foundational part of what we do at Room to Heal is challenge men to use the tools of recovery and learn how to deal with life as life comes. Our residents can work and live their lives while they stay with us. We don’t insulate men from the real world and all the stressors and triggers that drove them towards their drug of choice (and make no mistake - unwanted sexual behavior absolute interacts with our brain as a drug).

Men who have this addiction struggle with escapism. That’s how they’ve dealt with life. Made a mistake at work? Escape. Argue with a family member? Run to their drug of choice. They struggle to deal with life in mature ways. We free men up to feel their feelings and learn to deal with what life has thrown at them in healthy ways.

We teach these men how to process their feelings, learn from their triggers and stressors, and ultimately, become healthy, well-rounded, men of integrity. If you're interested in learning more, check out our program overview linked below.


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