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Make us part of your recovery team.

If you’re seeing a client whose primary addiction is sex addiction and they are stuck in a pattern of relapsing, returning from a treatment intensive or needing to separate from their spouse, we want to partner with you to help get them over those hurdles and into recovery.

Our residents can continue to work while they stay with us. We want them to learn how to deal with life in a healthy way while they continue to experience and process its daily challenges. 

One of the biggest benefits to our home is that our residents take an active role in each other’s recovery – our residents are continually serving, learning from and challenging each other as they grow together in living a life of integrity, purpose and health. It can be like living with mirrors that reflect your own struggles and enable you to reach deeper levels of awareness and ultimately… healing.

We believe therapy, coaching and  community are powerful solutions men need to break free from addiction and the cycles of shame that keep them trapped in it. If you think Room to Heal may be a good fit (or if you’d just like to learn more) please don’t hesitate to contact me at 704-621-5065 or

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Recovery Coaching

As our recovery coach, I'll work with your clients to make sure they’re attending your therapy sessions regularly and following their recovery plan.  I'll help them organize their day and implement new habits and life skills to support their recovery.  I also help our residents find new passions to replace the time previously spent on unhealthy behaviors.

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Who is a good candidate for Room to Heal?

Carnes Level 1 Addict

They may have broken moral boundaries but not legal ones.

No Substance Abuse

They are not currently addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Mentally Stable

They do not suffer from mental illness or are stable on medication.

Ready for Recovery

They have reached a place where they are ready for real change.

Therapist Resources: List

Resident / Client Documents

Here are all the documents you'll need during our partnership.

Therapist Evaluation

Help us determine whether your client is a good fit for Room to Heal.

Application & House Rules

Our application is comprehensive and includes the house rules.

Recovery Plan

Please let us know what you think is most important to your client's recovery plan and how best to communicate with you.

Theraputic Separation

Residents in a committed relationship are required to complete a theraputic separation agreement. You're welcome to guide them through the process or we can facilitate it.

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Therapist Resources: Welcome

Contact Us

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